The Blacktail Pack was formed in November 2008 by four Agate Pack females and six Druid males. Their main territory is Blacktail Plateau. They were able to take this territory over after the former Leopold Pack dissolved.

There is a documentary on the first alpha 302M nicknamed 'Cassanova' and 'Black wolf'

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Blacktail Pack

Said documentary.

Alpha Pair R.I.P Black WolfEdit

The first alpha pair were lead by #302M and #693F. Other collared wolves were 692F (693F's sister from the same litter) and 642F, a younger sister. #302M died in October.

2009 when he was killed by the Quadrant Mountain Pack. His nephew with the field ID "Big Brown" and now 778M became the alpha male. He and 693F are still the alpha pair today. #642F dispersed to form her own pack in February 2011. She was later legally killed in the Montana state hunt in 2011. 692F was kicked out of the pack in 2010 and traveled alone from East of Yellowstone National Park to Jardine Montana. She was illegally poached in November, 2011.

Update: 693F's body was found the 2nd weekend of January 2014 in a highly decomposed state. "The Wolf Project" estimates she died in November 2013 during a run in with another pack of wolves. She was 7 years and 7 months.

All Known MembersEdit

List of all known wolves born or joined the pack.

302M (Casanova)








The Blacktail's rivals are the Mollies, Canyons, Lamar Canyons, and Agates.


November 2008: #693F, #692F, #642F, and an uncollared female joined up with #302M and five uncollared Druid males to form the Blacktails. 693 and 302 became the alpha pair.

October 2009: #302M died, 778M became the new alpha male.

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