Lily Pack


Alpha (Red Fang)-dark red male with yellow eyes and a thick coat


Beta (Sparrow Song)-dark brown she-wolf with black ears, black paws, and a black tip on her tail


Holly Thorn-small black she-wolf with amber eyes

Ash Pelt-dark gray male

Rose Petal-reddish she-wolf with yellow eyes

Cedar Claw-light brown male with light gray eyes

Dark Ear-white male with dark gray ears and paws

Fox Pelt-huge orange she-wolf with black ears, black paws, a white tip on her tail, and yellow eyes

Misty Moon-white she-wolf with blue eyes


Gray Squirrel-brownish-gray she-wolf, mother of Fallen Birch and Blue Leaf

Jay Fur-young black she-wolf with blue eyes, mother of Sky Flower, Moon Blossom, Lark Wing, and Spirit Rose

Green Eyes-bluish-gray she-wolf with green eyes, mother of Tawny Owl, Mouse Tail, Brazen Claw, and Fennel Heart

Cardinal Tail-gray she-wolf with a russet tail, mother of Cat Claw and Shell Sparkle

Eagle Feather-brown-and-white she-wolf with brown eyes, mother of Sun Jaw, Alder Branch, and Night Flash

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